From June 12 to September 19.2021
Opening days on June Saturday 12 and Sunday 13

More shoes more boots more garlic
Camille Lapouge

Camille Lapouge’s exhibition brings together two works, Honolulu Boreale and Sidi Ferruch, from a cycle entitled more shoes more boots more garlic.
She inserts herself through it into territories and the economic systems that transform them.
The title of the exhibition is a quote the artist made a leitmotiv during the realization of her projects. It is extracted from the documentary film by Les Blank «Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe» (1980) and evokes the creation of radical gestures by Werner Herzog.

Sidi Ferruch, realized in 2019, concerns the transport of a small portion of the Mediterranean Sea to the Franco-Italian border. Honolulu Boreale, issued in 2020, relies on the trade’s ability to transform and move territories on a broad scale. It closes a 2000-year loop formed by ocean currents between Greenland and Hawaii, highlighted by the storytelling of a luxury water brand.

Camille Lapouge presents the photographic traces and videos of these gestures, accompanied by archives drawn from the history of the territory in which she operates.
On the occasion of this exhibition, she also presents with Sidi Ferruch her last work, Le Sabre et le chrysanthème, a sculpture built after the history of the exotic furniture trade.

These works were realized between 2016 and 2019 as part of the graduate program of the National School of Art of Villa Arson.
The Sabre and chrysanthemum received the support of the XXLumideco scholarship in 2020.
Honolulu Boreale received support from the Fondation des Artistes and the Astre Network’s contract, in partnership with COOP, . 748 and the CIAP of the island of Vassivière.

Camille Lapouge (born in 1989) is graduated from the HEAR in 2013. After two years in PhD Art and Art Sciences in co-supervision with Erg and ULB in Brussels she continues her work in the research program at Villa Arson from 2016 to 2019.
In residence in 2014 at COOP in the Basque Country, she conceived Oneztarri and her first solo exhibition in 2015.
In 2019, she is welcomed as a research residency at the CIAP de l’île de Vassivière as part of her Honolulu Boréale project.
The artist returns to Villa Arson for an exhibition in the Passage des fougères, a new space dedicated to emerging artists.

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Photo 1 : Camille Lapouge, honolulu boreale, 2020
Photo 2 : Camille Lapouge, Le sabre et le chrysanthème, 2020
Photo 3 : Camille Lapouge, Sidi Ferruch, 2019
Photo 4 : Camille Lapouge, Sidi Ferruch, 2019