Mercredi 4 décembre à 19h / Grand amphi

Dans le cadre d’un partenariat entre le CMMAS (Morelia, Michoacan / Mexique) et la Villa Arson,
Rendez-vous mercredi 4 décembre à 19h en Grand amphi, 
pour deux concerts électro acoustiques autour de Francisco Colasanto et Tonalli R. Nakamura

Entrée libre

Francisco Colasanto

Funded by Francisco Colasanto, Doctor Zoppa is a project that merges experimental electronic music and multimedia.
Influenced by a very different list of musical styles, like Progressive Rock, Electroacous- tic Music, Musique Concrete, Electronic Music of the
80’s and a big etcetera, Doctor Zoppa aims to create a musical mixture from all of this sources.
Doctor Zoppa has played in many different venues from countries like Austria, Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Spain among others. His live performances include music played with
modular synthesizers, using an amazing instrument called eigenharp TAU,  generative video projection, and laser.

Tonalli R. Nakamura


Born in Morelia, México – 1991, studied musical composition at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Michoacan University of San Nicolas de Hidalgo.
Specialist in music with new technologies in the fields of: acousmatic music, contemporary instrumental music, Visual Music and live electronics. He has taken classes with prominent composers such as: Hebert Vazquez, German Romero, Horacio Uribe, Mauricio Valdez, Francisco Colasanto, Ricardo Climent, Ken Ueno, Kevin Patton and Klaus Filip.
He has presented and premiered work in festivals around the world, in countries like Spain, Greece, China, Japan, Rusia, Escocia, Ireland, England, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

In Disruptor, electronica meets with the glitch, computer-generated visuals and cinema, which takes inspiration from science- fiction taking the audience into a journey into the undeterminated future.

Raw Maze – Audiovisual
Larinx – Acousmatic
Catalist – Audiovisual
Reliquary – Audiovisual
Optic Nerve – Acousmatic (octophonic)
RawM.2.epc – AudioVisual