Paliano (Italie), 16th-18th November 2017

Paliano City Hall / Ex Pretura/ Wine Museum / Colonna Chapel in Contrada Cervinara / Monastery of Santa Maria di Pugliano

Silence is radical. From mute words to the silence of children, from spiritual places to silence in the form of peace, silence is like nature and like ambience.
Silence in reality does not exist, it is us who isolate ourselves to find silence within; art and sound too are silence. (Paolo Coteni)

The Paliano Town Council presents INSIEME IN SILENZIO (TOGETHER IN SILENCE) curated by Zerynthia, Voluntary Contemporary Art Association, the 2nd edition of an education project that this year sees the involvement of the Fine Art Academies of L’Aquila, Brera, Rome, the Istituto Europeo di Design of Rome (IED) and two foreign institutes, Villa Arson of Nice and the École nationale supérieure d’arts de Paris-Cergy.

The students selected by the institutes participate in a three-day workshop run Paolo Coteni, one of the first tutors to teach sound art in Italy. A course of sound research in order to create a collective work: a sound portrait of the city of Paliano.

Ann Guillaume and Tom Bucher will take part at this project.

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