07 Apr 2016 – 23 Apr 2016
Art School and Outskirts Festival, Platform

Mega Hammer is an event that creates a space for pure expression, bringing together a group of artists with shared interests. This is a reincarnation of the first Mega Hammer  event, which was part of Open House Glasgow 2015, where  the group transformed a domestic space into an ad-hoc theatre.

Performers want to demonstrate a lifestyle based on DIY, low budget, death metal and pure expression and are expecting the audience will feel as if Valkyries have swept through the room.

Music by Culture&Leisure; paleo-futurist canapés by Debjani Banerjee, Daniel Brown and Jenny Hogarth; backdrops by  Michael Fullerton, Marta Bakst and Jedrzej Cichosz; performances by Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Jedrzej Cichosz, Baptiste le Chapelain, Victoria Pacheco Beristain, Zoe Walker, Neil Bromwich, Stasis, Been Caught Stealing Panache  and more.

Supported by Glasgow International.