Karlín studios, Futura, Prague
1st stage: 16.7 – 19.7
2nd stage: 22.7 – 30.8.2015
Opening: 15.7 from 6 pm

KRUPUK FACTORY* | Quentin Euverte, solo show
is a reptilian-like exhibition. Imagine a schizo-chameleon : a Chinese Restaurant turns into a home alchemist studio. A home alchemist studio turns into a tinkle-tweaking lab. A tinkle-tweaking lab turns into a firework clandestine workshop. A clandestine firework workshop turns into a shrimp chips factory. A shrimp chips factory which is a Chinese Restaurant. From a « cooking » to an other.
It’s all about undercovers. Just like most of the Chinese restaurants (Cinska restaurace) stand as internationally labelised camouflage for most of Czech Vietnamese. An oily domestic constellation, a ying-yang market where the black from the powder is just a way to dark what’s to hide. FD

*This exhibition is the result of a two-months residency at A.I.R. FUTURA in Prague.

Karlín studios, Futura, Prague (République Techèque)
Krizikova 34, Praha 8.